You Can’t Replicate An Anointing
Follow your true calling and purpose, it’s destined for you. It’s yours.
Follow your true calling and purpose, it’s destined for you.
It’s yours.
That dream, that goal, that vision is yours and yours alone. The way you deal with it, the way you handle it, the way you maneuver your way around it is unique to you.
Others may come along and see your path appear to be shiny. They may come along and try copy exactly what it is to the tee. However, they don’t understand that it’s not you who placed you there, but the Almighty who raised you up to take that seat.
You may try teach them what you do.
They may try walk and talk like you and function like you in every single way.
But. It’s. Just. Not. The. Same.
You can’t replicate an anointing. Quit trying to duplicate someone else’s success when you haven’t even begun to understand their journey.
You’re unique and special.. it’s okay to make a trail where there is none.
💛 you’re worthy and capable and you have your own path set before you.

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